Maven Wireless Sweden AB has today received an order from SMS Global Technologies Inc., an existing partner and neutral host in the Philippines for a value of 849 kEUR (approximately SEK 9 million*).

The order includes the company's emergency service and mobile phone coverage products that will be installed at Solaire Resort & Casino, a hotel and casino in the Philippines. The system includes the latest 5G technology with MIMO functionality to maximize the capacity of the 3.5 GHz radio band.

“We are once again trusted to deliver high-capacity coverage products that include 5G for all operators to projects in Asia where the deployment of 5G indoor coverage is expanding. The Maven Wireless DAS system is the market leader with the latest technology which delivers the highest bandwidth while the products consume half the energy. This means a cost-effective operation and emissions of CO2 is kept to minimum," says Fredrik Ekström, CEO of Maven Wireless

*Estimation based on applicable exchange rates

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