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Public Safety

Oustanding Performance

4 times higher data throughput & covers 40% more area with the latest components

Public Safety

End-To-End Digital Platform

Digital transport & filtering with remote frequency & refarming. All online upgrades

Public Safety

Always Future-Proof

Scale-as-you-go with complete 5G offer/O-RAN supporting future critical communications 

Public Safety

Cost Efficiency 

Fewer units and no maintenance needed. Faster installation & commissioning with less power consumption and space. 

Public Safety & Wireless Communications

Public safety and critical communication wireless coverage are crucial components of ensuring the safety of police, firemen, and other essential services. The ability to communicate quickly and efficiently during emergencies is essential, and wireless coverage plays a vital role in enabling first responders to do their jobs effectively. Police, fire, and other emergency services need reliable and secure communication systems that can withstand the harshest environments, reach remote areas, and provide uninterrupted coverage in critical situations.

Reliable Wireless Communication Networks for Public Safety

Without adequate coverage, public safety services may be unable to respond effectively during emergencies, putting lives and property at risk. Thus, ensuring that public safety services have access to reliable wireless communication networks is critical for maintaining public safety and protecting communities.

Top challenges for Public Safety & Critical Communications


RF Resilience

It’s crucial that first responders and mission critical operators have access to uninterrupted communication regardless of location or environmental conditions. 



Cyber threats can compromise the security and privacy of senseitive information and systems, putting lives and property at risk. 



Critical communication systems are typically a mix of legacy and state-of-the-art RF technologies, all supported on one RF platform for many years. 

Securing the  Future of Public Safety Communications 

High performance voice and data

Connecting systems and intelligence

Secure, robust and efficient operations

Reliable and instanst communication

maven wireless orion headend unit

Orion – Headend Unit

The ORION headend unit converts all BTS connections in one step to a high-capacity digital optical stream. The typical POI is software embedded, no other hardware is requried. 

Technical features 
  • Supports any band from FM to 3,5GHz  band
  • Multi-operator (all operators in one box)
  • Modular and scalable design 
  • 100W max power consumption 

Stratus – High Power Digital DAS Remotes

The Maven STRATUS High Power Digital Remote offers high power, highest capacity and most sustainable coverage. It’s the go-to device for hybrid inbuilding coverage. STRATUS supports all 2G to 5G cellular bands in any SISO or MIMO configuration. 

Technical features
  • Up to 5 bands and/or 4X4 MIMO Support
  • Fanless – maintenance free
  • 400W max power consumption 
  • IP66
Maven Wireless Stratus high power digital DAS remotes
Maven Wireless product digital off air master

Cirrus  – Digital off Air Master

The Maven CIRRUS Off Air Master picks up radio signals from a public safety radio network, converts the analog signals and transmits digital streams in CPRI over fiber. Designed for outdoor use, the CIRRUS replaces an Off Air Repeater connected to a headend that requires  an air-conditioned location. 

Technical features
  • Up to 2 bands in one enclosure
  • Fanless – maintenance free
  • 400W max power consumption 
  • IP66

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Public Safety
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