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Maven Wireless Digital Product Portfolio 

Introducing our Cutting-edge Digital Remotes and Off-air Repeaters

NIMBUS – Low Power Digital DAS Remotes

The Nimbus Low Power Remote Units are versatile devices that can be connected through CAT6, SFP28 or SFP+ to the Helix Distribution Unit. These units can be integrated with O-RAN systems using eCPRI or legacy DAS systems using an Orion head-end unit. They support 4 bands, SISO or MIMO configurations, and come with options for integrated or external antennas. Additionally, each Nimbus remote unit provides +23 dBm output power for each band. 

ORION – Headend Digital Unit

The Orion RF Master Node is a compact, 3HU rack-mounted design with an integrated POI. It can hold up to 8 RF band modules and connect with 4 mobile network operators (MNOs) per band module. Each module has its own RF/digital conversion, and you can install any combination of frequency bands. It supports MIMO and carrier aggregation across multiple RF and band modules. To ensure high reliability, the Orion unit comes with redundant, hot-swappable power supplies. 

STRATUS – High Power Digital DAS Remotes

The Maven Stratus is a high-power digital DAS remote node that provides up to +43 dBm RF output power per band across all bands, supporting multi-operator and multi-standard operations from FM to 3800 MHz. It is passively cooled and consumes less than 400 W of power. Additionally, the STRATUS unit is lightweight, weighing less than 25 kg, making it easy for a single person to lift and install. 

TOR – Digital Intrain Onboard Repeater

The TOR Digital repeater, equipped with an integrated modem, consolidates up to four cellular bands and a GSM-R band into one compact unit designed for train coverage. With a +30 dBm uplink output power, it guarantees consistent data rates and link quality on trains, even in remote areas. This repeater meets all essential standards for rolling stock equipment, and its high capacity and durability ensure complete and stable mobile coverage inside trains, even in areas with overlapping signals. 

HELIX – Digital Headend Unit

The HELIX digital Headend Unit is a rack-mounted device that offers eCPRI-links, supporting the Open Fronthaul standards of the O-RAN Alliance. It connects to remote units via SFP28 or SFP+ digital fiber providing a digital distributed antenna system for in-building coverage. Our Digital DAS supports all mobile coverage generations: 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, accommodating various technologies like GSM, GSM-R, WCDMA, LTE, TETRA, 5GNR as well as FM modulated signals carried over VHF and UHF.

TROPO – Digital Off Air Low Power Off Air Repeater

The Tropo Digital Repeater, featuring an integrated modem, houses two cellular repeater bands within a single fanless enclosure. The Tropo cellular bands deliver +18 dBm output power, while the Public Safety TROPO version, supporting any TETRA band, provides +20 dBm output power at the antenna. This product is available in both indoor and outdoor models. 

CUMULUS – 6-band Medium Power Digital DAS Remotes

The Maven Cumulus Medium Power Digital Remote node provides +30 dBm RF output power per band across all bands, supporting multi-operator and multi-standard operations from 700 to 2600 MHz. It can support up to 6 bands in any frequency and MIMO configuration. 

EXO – Digital Off Air High Power Repeater

The Exo Digital Repeater, featuring an integrated modem, houses up to two bands within a single fanless enclosure. The Exo cellular bands and PS-LTE deliver +43 dBm output power, while the UHF/TETRA band provides +40 dBm output power. 

STRATO – Digital Off Air Medium Power Repeater

The Strato Digital Repeater with built-in modem embeds up to three bands in the same fanless enclosure. The Strato cellular bands and PS-LTE support +30 dBm output power in uplink and downlink. 

CIRRUS – Digital Off Air Master 

The Cirrus Off Air Master Node captures signals from the macro network and converts them into Digital CPRI, making it compatible with any type of remote. Housed in a fanless IP66-rated enclosure, it is designed for easy deployment. The Cirrus off-air master is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized tunnels that do not have headend equipment rooms.

Maven  Network Management System – Maven Digital NMS

The Maven NMS is built on the open Digital NMS platform, making it incredibly robust and feature-rich. It can run on a virtual or physical server and includes an open web API for integration with third-party OSS/NOC. The system features easy-to-use geographical maps for node representations, and it can monitor any other equipment or nodes via standard SNMP. 

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