Discover the Benefits of Maven Wireless
Next-Generation 5G DAS 


Oustanding Performance

4 times higher data throughput & covers 40% more area with the latest components with 5G DAS


End-To-End Digital Platform

Digital transport & filtering with remote frequency & refarming. All online upgrades


Always Future-Proof

Scale-as-you-go with complete 5G offer/O-RAN supporting future critical communications 


Cost Efficiency 

Fewer units and no maintenance needed. Faster installation & commissioning with less power consumption and space. 

5G DAS Cellular In-Building Wireless Coverage

In an era where people are increasingly reliant on mobile devices, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are proliferating, the need for robust and ubiquitous 5G DAS (Distributed Antenna System) coverage within buildings is paramount. Buildings often act as barriers to wireless signals due to construction materials, architectural design, and interference from neighboring structures. Consequently, poor indoor 5G DAS coverage hampers not only the user experience but also obstructs the potential of various emerging technologies.


More than 80% of voice and data usage happens indoors.

What is DAS?
 (Distributed Antenna System)

A Digital Distributed Antenna system (DAS) is like having many small antennas throughout a building that work together to improve wireless signal strength and coverage.   Moreover, the system processes and distributes the signal digitally, allowing for better control and reliability. This helps to ensure a strong and stable wireless connection, even in areas with a lot of interference or signal problems.  

Furthermore, DAS is widely used in large venues such as stadiums, airports, hospitals, and hotels where a reliable and high-quality wireless connection is critical. It’s also used in commercial buildings and campuses to provide seamless connectivity for employees, visitors, and guests. 

5G DAS inbuilding coverage commercial propoerties

Traditional Outdoor Macro Coverage 

5G DAS inbuilding coverage commercial propoerties

Maven Wireless Digital Indoor System 

Cellular In-building Coverage for Stadiums, Arenas and Venues

Our unique modular platform offers excellent wireless coverage and capacity. You can save costs by deploying what you need today and adding bands or sectors in the future. Our modularity protects your investment during technological transitions, such as the shift from 2G, 3G, and 4G to 5G, allowing for gradual upgrades without the need for complete replacements.

In-building coverage solutions for Commercial properties

Maven Wireless is the most flexible DAS platform available. Our modular amplifiers cover every band used for commercial cellular communications, private networks, two-way radio, paging, and public safety from 88 MHz to 4 GHz. This ensures reliable connectivity for users wherever they go!

Why are 5G-Ready Wireless Solutions Essential?

Future-Proof Building Investment

Increased Capacity and Performance

Seamless Multi-Operator Support

Flexible and Scalable Solution


Nimbus Low Power Active DAS Remotes

Introducing the latest addition to the Maven portfolio: the NIMBUS Low Power Remote. NIMBUS seamlessly integrates both legacy and 5G radio bands, creating a high-capacity DAS system. This versatile solution is ideal for a variety of use cases, including complete 4G/5G DAS systems, 5G overlay DAS, or 5G hot spots. Despite its powerful capabilities, NIMBUS boasts a compact footprint and can be conveniently placed anywhere.

Technical features

  • Multi-operator (all operators in one box)
  • Up to 1600 Mhz of spectrum in one unit
  • Any cable type, fiber, hybrid, POE 
  • Fanless design – maintenance free 
  • SISO and/or MIMO support in one box 
  • +23 dBm output power per band 
  • Integrated or external antennas
  • 4 bands per box 

Stratus High Power Digital DAS Remotes

The Maven STRATUS High Power Digital Remote – the ultimate solution for high-power, high-capacity, and sustainable coverage. This versatile device is the top choice for hybrid in-building coverage needs. STRATUS seamlessly supports all 2G to 5G cellular bands in both SISO and MIMO configurations. 

Technical features
  • Up to 5 bands and/or 4X4 MIMO Support
  • Fanless – maintenance free
  • 400W maximum power consumption
  • IP66
Maven Wireless Stratus high power digital DAS remotes



Helix Digital Headend Unit

The HELIX Digital HeadEnd Unit has a double function in the Maven DAS. It is our O-RAN gateway to any virtual BBU.  It also feeds the Maven NIMBUS RU via POE, hybrid cable or fiber. 

Technical features 
  • Supports O-RAN & 5G
  • Low power consumption 180W
  • The latest technology & components 
  • 16x CAT6a Ethernet (POE++) or 8x SFP28 or 16 x SFP+

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