Discover the Benefits of Maven Wireless In-Building Coverage Solutions

Maven NMS

Oustanding Performance

4 times higher data throughput & covers 40% more area with the latest components

Maven NMS

End-To-End Digital Platform

Digital transport & filtering with remote frequency & refarming. All online upgrades

Maven NMS

Always Future-Proof

Scale-as-you-go with complete 5G offer/O-RAN supporting future critical communications 

Maven NMS

Cost Efficiency 

Fewer units and no maintenance needed. Faster installation & commissioning with less power consumption and space. 

Efficiently Monitor and Manage Your Wireless Network with Maven NMS

The Maven NMS is extremely robust and has all possible features as it is built upon the Open NMS platform. The solution runs on either virtual or physical server and it has an open web API for integration with 3rd party OSS/NOC. Easy geographical maps for node representations. Any other equipment or nodes can be monitored via standard SNMP.

Maven NMS
fault management 

Maven NMS offers powerful fault management, allowing you to quickly identify and troubleshoot network issues. It can automatically discover devices, monitor them for faults, and send alerts if issues arise.

Performance management

With Maven NMS, easily monitor network performance in real-time, with essential metrics like traffic and bandwidth utilization. This allows for proactive optimization to ensure the best possible performance.

Configuration Management

Maven NMS enables you to manage the configuration of your network devices, making it easy to standardize your network configurations and ensure consistency across your network.


Maven NMS provides detailed reporting, enabling you to generate custom reports on network performance, faults, and changes. This simplifies analyzing network data and identifying improvement areas

24/7 of Monitoring the System

With Maven Wireless services, wireless experts can monitor the system around the clock, every day of the year. Our programs ensure that your wireless system stays up-to-date, well-maintained, and any issues are quickly identified and resolved.


Nimbus – Low Power Active DAS Remotes

The Nimbus Low Power Digital remotes are connected via CAT6a alternatively via SFP28 to the Helix Unit. The Helix Distribution Unit can be connected directly to an O-RAN system over eCPRI or to an Orion head-end unit for a legacy DAS system. 

The Nimbus low power remote units upport 4 bands in either SISIO or MIMO configuration. There are product variants for both an integrated antenna or external antennas. The Nimbus remote unit delivers +23 dBm output power per band. 

Technical features

  • 5G compliant
  • Multi-operator (all operators in one box)
  • Any cable type, fiber, hybrid, POE 
  • Fanless design – maintenance free 

Helix – Digital Head End Unit

The Helix Digital Head End Unit has a double function in the Maven DAS. It is our O-RAN gateway to any virtual BBU.   It also feeds the Maven Nimbus RU via POE, hybrid cabel or fiber. 

Technical features 
  • Supports O-RAN & 5G
  • Low power consumption 180W
  • The latest technology & components 
  • 16x CAT6a Ethernet  (POE++) or 8x SFP28 or 16 x SFP+
Maven wireless product helix digital headend unit

Digital platform

Maven Wireless Digital Network Management System is an all-inclusive monitoring platform designed for managing distributed antenna systems (DAS) and repeaters. Our platform provides automated support with advanced fault, configuration, and inventory management capabilities for all active elements within your network.

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