Largest shareholders

The table below shows Maven Wireless’s largest shareholders per 31 December 2022.

Number of shares

Share of capital, %




Gunnar Malmström*

Fredrik Ekström 

Göran Grosskopf**

Almi Invest Green Tech AB 

Yvonne Adesam 

Miriam Samuelsson 

7 400 304

4 760 249

4 708 372

3 618 416

2 608 698

2 608 698







Total shareholders with holdings exceeding 5 percent

Other shareholders 


25 704 737

26 162 072

51 866 809




* Refers to own holding and through the wholly owned company Blånudden Drifts AB (subsidiary Gripsholm Holding AB)
** Indirect holding through capital insurance

Dividend policy

Maven Wireless has not adopted a dividend policy. When considering a proposal to submit a dividend, the board considers several factors, including the Company’s operations, operating profit, financial position, current and expected liquidity needs, expansion plans, contractual restrictions and other material factors. No dividend was paid for the financial years 2020 or 2019. The Board’s intention is not to propose any dividend to shareholders before the Company has established itself commercially and generates long-term sustainable profitability.

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