The investigation continious after the appeal against the award of a framework agreement with the Swiss Transport Administration SBB, which was announced earlier, a decision is expected later in 2022. During this process, the court has approved that SBB can start execute on projects planned in the near future from the original frame agreement. Maven Wireless, together with its local partner Rhomberg Bahntechnik, has therefore signed an updated contract enabling us to deliver products for both near time carve out projects but also products for the entire frame agreement.

Maven Wireless has also carried out start-up meetings and project planning for carve out projects as well as product training for the end customer SBB.

“I am very pleased about the court's decision to let the end customer SBB begin its planned work from the original frame agreement, we interpret this as positive signals in the overall process. Furthermore, a confirmation of continous supprt from SBB towards us and Rhomberg for the future business within the bigger frame agreement. This new agreement enable us to start delivery of products immediately.” says Fredrik Ekström, CEO of Maven Wireless.

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