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Innovative leadership: Combining technology expertise and business acumen

At our company, we are proud to have a dynamic and experienced management team that is committed to our vision and our values. We believe their leadership and vision are key to our success, and we are proud to have such a talented group of individuals leading the way.


Fredrik Ekström
Co-founder |  CEO since 2016

education & experience:

Fredrik has over 20 years of international experience from the wireless industry. Fredrik was previously a board member and member of the management team of Axell Wireless, which had annual revenue and profit growth of 20 percent before the company was sold to Cobham Plc. Before that, Fredrik has worked in several telecom and technology companies such as Infineon, Ericsson Microelectronics and CGI with international positions in Germany and India, among others. Fredrik has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from LTH (Lund).

Number of shares in the company: 4 760 249


Claudia Munoz
CFO since 2020

education & experience:

Claudia has a long financial background, including as CFO at Hive Streaming and CFO at Live Arena. Claudia has a degree in CFO from the FEI (Institute of Business Administration) and a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifica Unversida de Chile.

Number of shares in the company:   3 098

Management team

Erik Nilsson
VP of Sales since 2023

education & experience:

Erik has over 20 years of international experience from the wireless industry, with overseas services in the USA, Brazil and Italy. Erik has held positions in both development and sales at Ericsson and has worked at several Swedish and American startups in telecom and with a focus on indoor coverage for mobile telephony. Before he joined Maven, Erik was CEO of the development company Optimobile. Erik has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from KTH (Stockholm).

Number of shares in the company:    0

Management team

Dr. Mike Lewis 
Co-founder  | CTO since 2016

education & experience:

Mike is experienced in design of complex wireless communication systems on chip and FPGA, with an ability to coordinate architectural development between the disciplines of RF, digital HW and software and with special expertise in signal processing for transceivers and filtering datapaths, and system integration issues for mobile handsets, wireless repeater systems and distributed antenna systems. Mike graduated in engineering with a 1st class degree from Cambridge University and received his Ph.D. at Manchester University, working on signal processor design in the group of Professor Steve Furber, one of the original developers of the ARM microprocessor architecture.

Number of shares in the company: 754 250

Management team

Jonas Edlund 
Co-founder | VP Radio Engineering since 2016

education & experience:

Jonas is a RF and Microwave professional with over 25 years of successful DAS and repeater design experience. He has been working as system architect and lead RF designer at Avitec, Axell Wireless and Cobham Wireless. In these position he has been responsible for overall system level RF design on the majority of their products. Jonas also has experience of designing radio systems for Ericsson. Jonas has received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from KTH (Stockholm).

Number of shares in the company:  1 271 344

Management team

Martin Wetterholm 
Co-founder | CIO & VP Software Engineering since 2016

education & experience:

Martin has worked with Embedded Systems in the mobile telecommunications sector for over 25 years. He has been manager for software teams at Avitec, Axell Wireless and Cobham Wireless. He has successfully introduced agile methods to organisations and created high performing, cross functional, multi-site and multi-national Scrum teams developing modern software for world-leading wireless products. Martin studied Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Number of shares in the company:     1 772 392

Management team

Björn Eklööf
COO  since 2023 

education & experience: 

Björn is a Sourcing and Supply specialist and has broad experience within Operations for +30 years. Both from the telecom industry as well as mechanical industry. Björn has held several manager positions in Sourcing, Supply and Manufacturing and is also certified CIO. Prior to Maven Wireless, Björn has worked at Edgeware/Agile Content, Digital Vision and Dustcontrol.

Number of shares in the company:   0

1) The Maven holdings reported above reflect the holdings as of March 31, 2023. The number of shares and ADS includes holdings by related persons if applicable. For information on transactions made since the above mentioned dates, please refer to the website of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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