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Switzerland has an extensive railway network and is known for its efficient and punctual train system. The railway network is a testament to the nation’s dedication to efficiency and innovation. One of the most impressive features of Switzerland’s railway system is its numerous tunnels, including some of the world’s longest and most challenging tunnels.  Switzerland’s railway system is seamlessly integrated with other modes of public transportation, such as buses and trams, ensuring smooth and interconnected journeys for passengers. 

Enhancing Swiss Railway Communications: Latest 5G DAS Product for Cellular, GSMR and FRMCS 

Maven Wireless is excited about the opportunity to provide a system that supports both legacy and 5G cellular to a railway infrastructure provider in Switzerland. Our solution supports any safety critical frequency ranging from UHF/TETRA to GSM-R and FRMCS meeting all rail safety related  requirements.

Railway Infrastructure

Fredrik Ekström

CEO of Maven Wireless

This contract is yet another confirmation of the company’s strong position in the field of tunnel solutions for both safety critical radio and mobile communication.

Maven’s Expertise in Deployment:
How We Met Requirements for The Next Decade 


  • One platform to serve both legacy and latest safety critical (FRMCS 1900 TDD) and cellular 5G (incl 1500 SDL) requirements. 
  • Most stringent availability requirements (RAMS) for Europe’s longest high speed rail tunnel, the 53km long Gotthard Base Tunnel. 
  • Rail lifecycle over min. 10 years tunnel operation with additional service extension.


  • Maven offers any Swiss cellular MNO frequencies ranging from 2G to 5G all in one platform and layer. Swiss frequency bands range from 700 to and including 3500Mhz incl 5GNR.
  • Mavens digital networking allowed to boost resilience far above legacy DAS solutions and meet their RAMS specifications while heavily saving fibre infrastructure and equipment needed. 
  • Mavens ruggedized IP66 and power efficient Stratus Radio Units avoided any need for external 19″ racks and required HVAC equipment, largely simplifying deployment and cutting costs. 
  • Mavens Open NMS seamlessly integrates with the rail infrastructure provider IT ecosystem and complies to all cybersecurity standards. 


  • No multi vendor DAS solution nor competence required for the next decade. FRMCS integration avoids reinvesting and closing the tunnel when the FRMCS roll out is due. 
  • Mavens system supports Swiss MNO 5G tunnel relevant frequencies for an optimal passenger travel experience. 
  • Simpler installation, increased deployment speed and reduced tunnel project risk. 
  • Virtually maintenance free system due to no moving parts and remote supervision, upgrades and maintenance.
  • Drastic OPEX cost reduction by eliminating costly tunnel closures for previous maintenance activities such as filter swaps ventilator, replacements or analyzing any damage to the leaky feeder system. 

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