The Most Sustainable 5G DAS 

Maven Wireless is excited to provide a comprehensive system to a railway infrastructure provider. Our solution supports both legacy and 5G cellular technologies, accommodating safety-critical frequencies ranging from UHF/TETRA to GSM-R and FRMCS, while meeting all rail safety requirements. 

The railway infrastructure provider is investing in modern, energy-efficient radio coverage as part of its sustainability objectives.  Maven Wireless’s groundbreaking solutions reduces power consumption by 60% to align with the providers sustainable targets as well as incorporating current and future technology requirements. 

Leveraging Communications for The Austrian Railway: 5G DAS Products for Safety Critical and Cellular Networks

Maven Wireless started it’s journey with the railway infrastructure provider in 2020 and we are still equally excited to continue serving this valued customer. We remain committed to providing top-notch service and technology solutions to meet their evolving needs. 

With an focus on reliability and efficiency, Maven Wireless empowers railway infrastructure providers to enhance communication, optimize operations, and ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability within the rail industry. 

Railway and Tunnel System

Fredrik Ekström

CEO of Maven Wireless

This contract is  an evidence of the company’s unique value in the field of tunnel solutions for safety-critical radio and mobile communication.

Delivering For Railway Infrastructure Providers: How Maven Wireless Met The Next Decade Requirements


  • Rail life cycle over min 10 years avoiding rip and replace
  • One platform to serve both legacy and latest safety critical and cellular 5G requirements. 
  • High focus on sustainability
  • Low OPEX
  • Open platform and NMS


  • Maven supports any safety critical frequency ranging from VHF over UHF/TETRA to GSM-R meeting all rail safety related requirements 
  • Maven offers any Austrian cellular MNO frequencies ranging from 2G including 5G in all one platform and layer 
  • IPP66 housing and fanless design
  • Maven Wireless offers an integrated leaky feeder monitoring system, allowing to detect on a few meters precise any inconsistency of its connected radiating antenna cable 
  • Maven offers NMS based upnon open NMS, meeting all IT cybersecuirty requirements. We are a contributing member of the Open Ran Alliance, advocating vendor interoperability. 


  • One platform to support both rail specific requirements and all MNO cellular requirements. 
  • Drastical reduction in energy power consumption contributing to the providers Sustainability targets .
  • Drastic OPEX cost reduction by eliminating costly tunnel closures for previous maintenance activities such as filter swaps, ventilator replacements or analyzing any damage to the leaky feeder system.
  • No vendor lock in on future interoperability requirements.  

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We prioritize high-speed connectivity, sustainability, and minimal environmental impact through innovative solutions. 

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Railway and Tunnel System
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