Enhancing Connectivity for Cultural Preservation

In the dynamic landscape of cultural preservation, museums stand as custodians of history, art and heritage. The Museum of Polish History in Poland, Warszawa embarks on a mission to not only preserve the past but also embrace the demands of modern connectivity.

The architectural and operational parameters of the museum have been  designed to reflect this commitment, boasting an expensive surface area in excess of 44,000 square meters distributed over six planned levels, including four aboveground and two subterranean. 

The museums infrastructure supports an exhibition space measuring 7,300 square meters, complemented by a temporary exhibition area of 1,400 square meters, dedicated to presenting a comprehensive and dynamic portrayal of Poland’s historical and cultural evolution.  In addition to this, the museum also has  restaurants, a library, a rooftop terrace and a park with an amphitheater. 

Meeting the Demands of 5G Indoor Coverage

The Museum of History of Poland endeavors to enable crucial services within its premises, catering to the needs of essential responders such as the police and fire brigade, alongside ensuring reliable cellular coverage for visitors and staff. In an era where communication is fundamental to safety the museum recognizes the importance of uninterrupted connectivity for an improved visitor experience.   

Museum of Polish History

Upgrading the Wireless Capabilities for the Museum of Polish History


  • Support for multiple cellular bands: 800/900/1800/2100/2600
  • Full redundancy for UHF TETRA 380
  • Installation of Cellular BTS inside the building
  • Reception of UHF TETRA signal from the air with donor antenna on the rooftop 


  • Deployment of ORION 5 Bands 2 sectors for cellular systems
  • Utilization of Dual Band STRATUS 8/9 and Tri Band STRATUS 18/21/26 on each remote site for cellular coverage
  • Pickup of TETRA signal through TROPO LP repeater, feeding into Orion chassis
  • Implementation of remote units consisting of Single Band TETRA STRATUS for TETRA coverage


  • Single DAS supplier for all services, covering TETRA to cellular bands
  • Comprehensive system supervision facilitated by MAVEN NMS
  • Coast efficiency by both installation and maintenance, maximizing the value of its communication investment 
  • Enhanced system monitoring by, allowing for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization to ensure uninterrupted service delivery 

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Museum of Polish History
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