Maven Wireless has received two ordes worth approximately 13 MSEK from a new customer in Turkey. The first order of 7,1 m will be delivered and billed during 2021 and the second order of 5,9 m will be delivered and billed during Q1 2022.

The orders covers a Maven Stratus High Power DAS system for providing critical communications for bluelight service in Turkish road tunnels using FM, VHF and UHF frequencies. The Company regional office in Dubai has been working since January to secure these orders.

“This is a first set of orders in Turkey for the Company which makes me happy to see that we are expanding according to our plans. Our products will provide high quality, redundant and secure radio coverage for police, ambulance, and fire brigade in the Turkish road tunnels which also demonstrates the capability and flexibility of our product platform” said Fredrik Ekström, CEO of Maven Wireless.

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