Maven Wireless, a market leader of groundbreaking solutions for wireless coverage, has been granted an European EPO patent for the patent application "Real-valued passband data transport in DAS"

Maven Wireless provides ground-breaking solutions in wireless coverage all over the world. The company offers a unique and comprehensive DAS system for indoor and tunnel coverage. The solutions are unique, future-proof and supports all relevant technologies from 2G to 5G as well as blue light services. The company has an active strategy for intellectual property rights, including patents, to protect its proprietary technology.

Including the new granted patent, Maven Wireless possesses 59 patents worldwide and has additionally 13 patent applications pending outside Europe. With the new approved EPO patent the company will validate the same patent in several of the European member states. This new patent protects Maven Wireless digital DAS products and the way how the products transport data over the fibre network. This patent supports and protects Maven Wireless’ business throughout the European market.

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