Inbuilding 5G DAS wireless coverage 

Asian countries are leading the way in expanding 5G coverage for indoor areas. The project has been a validation that Maven Wireless can meet the market’s latest demands for 5G technology for indoor coverage, which supports all operators. 

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a luxury resort complex located in the Marina Bay area of Singapore. It consists of three 55-story towers that are connected by a massive rooftop park known as the Sands Skypark. The Hotel boasts 2,561 rooms and suites, as well as a variety of resturants, shopping malls, a casino, a theater, and a convention center. 

5G technology supporting all operators

Maven Wireless is excited about the opportunity to provide a system that integrates older mobile technologies, advanced 5G, and emergency services frequencies, mazimizing the experience and safety of guests and visitors in the renowned Marina Bay Sands building.  

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Fredrik Ekström

CEO of Maven Wireless

It’s extra exciting to deliever a system that combines older mobile technologies and advanced 5G as well as the rescue service’s frequencies to be able to maximize the experience and security for guests and visitors in the iconic building Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. 

Maven Wireless’ Expertise in Deployment:
How We Transformed Marina Bay Sands Wireless Capabilities


  • One platform supporting cellular 3G/4G/5G and the internal public safety system using iDEN and Tetra
  • MBS requires the best-in-class DAS performance which enable the fastest data throughput and widest coverage area
  • Low opex
  • Scalability – a system easy to add capacity by adding bands and MIMO
  • MSB is committed to reduce environmental impact by harnessing cutting edge technology 


  • Orion and Multiple band stratus
  • QSFP+ fibre links from Orion to Stratus
  • Cascaded fibre networks; stratus
  • 3.5GHz Orion and Stratus added as their BTS signal become ready
  • Maven equipment uses lesser equipment as compared to our competitions and our equipment consume 60% lesser power


  • Lowest power consumption & lowest carbon footprint, supporting Singapore Government Net Zero Emission Target and MBS green initiatives
  • Highest bandwidth in each fibre; New sectors/s and be added via GUI to increase capacity
  • Additional headend (Orion) and remote end (Stratus) can be added any time as the system grow
  • If required, medium and/or low power remote units can also be integrated into the system

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Marina Bay Sands Hotel
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