Elevating Connectivity for Critical Services for Healthcare

In healthcare, the importance of reliable cellular coverage and robust public safety services is paramount. Hospitals, as vital centers of healing, require seamless communication networks to ensure patient well-being and operational efficiency. 

The Regional Hospital consists of 20 clinics with just over 3,200 employees who provide specialized health and medical care. The hospital had legacy infrastructure with substantial investments. Its core included durable, passive networks built by MIC Nordic. The hospital also acquired various active equipment through multiple contracts. The emergency communication systems still met the hospital’s needs, requiring no changes. However, the mobile network was outdated, featuring a mix of off-air repeaters and Delta Node fiber-DAS systems intended for telecom operators—a connection that was never made. Additionally, the technology used obsolete frequency bands.

Enhancing Communication Infrastructure to meet Healthcare Demands

The hospital was seeking for a scalable and future-proof platform that aligns with EU directives on cybersecurity (NIS2), resilience (RCE), and other relevant standards.  Recognizing the significance of uninterrupted connectivity, the hospital aimed to fortify its communication infrastructure to meet the demands of emergencies and provide continuous, high-quality care. 

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Empowering Healthcare with Maven Wireless Solutions 


  • The customer requires a flexible and future-proof solution for Public Safety LTE services
  • Equipped with additional frequencies for increased flexibility 
  • Capability to integrate Rakel G2. 5G (either private or from an operator) without discarding equipment that does not meet standards


  • Deployment of Maven High Power Digital DAS
  • Inclusion of Public Cellular 4G within the infrastructure
  • Implementation of redundant Public Safety Tetra/LTE systems on the same fiber backbone
  • Secure and connected healthcare environment
  • Optimizing space with the most compact solution


  • Enhanced coordination of systems, services, infrastructure, and assets across hospital infrastructure with public cellular and public safety operating on the same platform 
  • Centralization of all services onto one versatile platform
  • Optimizing space with the most compact solution
  • Highest resilience with system supporting all fiber topologies
  • Assurance of full redundancy compliance to guarantee uninterrupted service
  • Cascadable Remote Units for scalable expansion as needed
  • Superior performance metrics including Noise Figure, EVM, and PIM
  • Future-ready design for seamless integration of LTE/5G extensions
  • Streamlined processes for planning, deployment, and system upgrades
  • Low power consumption 

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