Maven Wireless today publish the Q1 Report for 2023. The Q1 report is available as an attached document and at

222% sales growth with positive result and improved gross margin

Group Financial Summary of first quarter, 1st January – 31st March 2023

  • Net sales 41,069 KSEK (12,743)
  • Order intake 35,417 KSEK (28,291)
  • Orders from 21 customers, of which 5 new during the period
  • EBITDA 3,874 KSEK (-4,173)
  • Operating profit 2,590 KSEK (-5,288)
  • Cash flow from operations -7,051 KSEK (-8,215)
  • Earnings per share 0,05 (-0,11)
  • Life Cycle Assessment -68% kg CO2e during operations of products

CEO’s statement

The group's sales of SEK 41 million during the quarter are slightly higher than the record sales during Q4 2022. The sales growth is 222% compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, we deliver an all-time high result with an operating profit of approximately SEK 2.6 million, which gives an operating margin of 6%.The order intake of 35 million comes from 21 different customers, of which 5 are completely new. Compared to the same quarter last year, the number of ordering customers was 12, which is an increase of 75% in the number of ordering customers. The order book at the end of the period is SEK 198 million.The availability of IC components has improved and lead times are also starting to get shorter. With current developments in the component market, lead times for IC components will be halved during the year. With a favorable product mix in the quarter's sales, slightly lower costs for materials and to some extent adjusted product prices, we reach a gross margin of 36%, which is slightly better than expected and clearly higher than the same period last year (28%).The group's expansion continues within existing regions where, in addition to existing framework agreements, we win new customers and projects in more countries. The geographical share of sales is growing in both the Middle East and Asia. Business development continues in the American market, where projects are now being evaluated with partners and end customers. Our subsidiary Maven Wireless Inc. is established with its own sales staff, and we have several partner agreements in place to speed up business development. After the end of the period, we have had our TETRA products approved for data centers with Microsoft as the end customer. Rollout has started in Europe with Italy, Ireland, Spain and Holland as the first countries. Microsoft has over 200 data centers that we can address with this solution. Furthermore, we have signed a new framework agreement with ONE Nordic and have taken home a first tender order of around SEK 9 million for an infrastructure project in Sweden. This framework agreement further strengthens our position in the Nordic region. Furthermore, in Sweden we have won additional projects both for the correctional service and for hospitals where our digital DAS solution will be used. In addition, orders continue for the mining industry with LKAB as the end customer with expansion in the Kiruna mine. In Germany, we have also won a project for the nationwide TETRA system BOS-NET.In the Middle East, our local partner continues to expand a modern radio network with our unique Public Safety solution with both TETRA and Public Safety-LTE integrated in the same digital unit. Further in Asia, we have received additional orders for Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.The group's expansion continues at a high pace, primarily through an improved delivery capability and complete product offering with modern products and solutions which are fully digital with support for 5G.Sustainability and cyber security continue to be important areas with increasing focus from both our partners and end customers. Our energy-efficient and maintenance-free solutions are attractive both from an energy and cost perspective, but also from a sustainability perspective. We also offer secure systems that meet the requirements for cyber security in the future where end customers can be confident in meeting local laws on cyber security based around the EU directive NIS-2.Finally, our global expansion continues at a high pace according to plan where we continue to digitize society with our climate-smart and secure products with high bandwidth both for 5G and for other critical communications.

Fredrik Ekström – Group CEO

Significant events during the first quarter

Maven Wireless receives EPO approval for the patent "Real-valued passband data transport in DAS"
With the new EPO approval, the company will validate the same patent in several of the European member states. This new patent protects Maven Wireless' digital DAS products and how the products transport data over the fiber network.
Maven Wireless expands further in the Middle East and receives an additional order of SEK 6 million
Maven Wireless has received an order via a local partner for a public safety DAS system to a value of approximately SEK 6.1 million. This order includes the latest digital DAS products for blue light radios that support both the old TETRA standard over the 380 MHz band as well as the new generation solution with Public Safety LTE over the 700 MHz band in the same remote unit. Public Safety LTE is the latest generation blue light radio that supports video and data transmission.

Significant events after the end of the period

Maven Wireless signs framework agreement with ONE Nordic and receives first order of SEK 9 million
Maven Wireless signs a framework agreement with ONE Nordic regarding both DAS systems and repeater products for mobile telephony as well as blue light radio systems and associated services. At the same time, a first order is received for mobile phone coverage for an infrastructure project in Sweden, amounting to approximately SEK 9 million. The agreement is valid until further notice, with opportunities for the parties to revise prices if costs change by more than 5%. There are no volume guarantees in the agreement, which can, however, be used for future projects for all ONE Nordic group companies.

Maven Wireless wins orders for Microsoft data centers
The group has had its products approved to establish secure communication in Microsoft's data centres with the first rollout in Europe. The approval includes the company's digital DAS system for TETRA communication where a uniform solution will be used globally. Establishment of the systems takes place starting in Europe, where the company has already received orders for data centres in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Holland. The sales value per data centre for the company is between SEK 0.5 and 1 million. Rollout of the corresponding solution is also planned for both Asia and the USA. Microsoft has over 200 data centres spread across the world.

8 new patents are validated in Europe for "Real-valued passband data transport in DAS"
Including the newly granted patents in Europe, Maven Wireless has 67 patents worldwide and has an additional 12 patent applications pending outside of Europe. The new patents protect Maven Wireless' digital DAS products and how the products transport data over fiber links. The patents support and protect Maven Wireless' operations throughout the European market.

The company receives a fourth patent in South Korea for "Carrier Aggregation"
Including the newly granted patents in South Korea as well as the new patents above, Maven Wireless has 68 patents worldwide and has an additional 11 patent applications pending outside of Europe. The new patent protects Maven Wireless' digital DAS products and how the products transport aggregated carrier waves over the DAS system.

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