Discover the Benefits of Maven
In-Building Solutions

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Cutting-Edge 5G Technology!

Oustanding Performance

4 times higher data throughput & covers 40% more area with the latest components with 5G DAS

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Cutting-Edge 5G Technology!

End-To-End Digital Platform

Digital transport & filtering with remote frequency & refarming. All online upgrades

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Cutting-Edge 5G Technology!

Always Future-Proof

Scale-as-you-go with complete 5G offer/O-RAN supporting future critical communications 

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Cutting-Edge 5G Technology!

Cost Efficiency 

Fewer units and no maintenance needed. Faster installation & commissioning with less power consumption and space. 

Cutting-edge DAS Technology

Our solutions amplify indoor coverage and ensure seamless connectivity, blending energy efficiency with robust, scalable 5G infrastructure. Equally crucial is system reliability, which guarantees uninterrupted service and swift recovery from disruptions, maintaining seamless connectivity and user trust in the evolving landscape of communication systems.

Cellular In-building Coverage For Stadiums, Arenas and Venues

Our unique modular platform offers excellent wireless coverage and capacity. You can save costs by deploying what you need today and adding bands or sectors in the future. Our modularity protects your investment during technological transitions, such as the shift from 2G, 3G, and 4G to 5G, allowing for gradual upgrades without the need for complete replacements.

In-building coverage solutions  for Commercial properties

Maven DAS is the most flexible DAS platform available. Our modular amplifiers cover every band used for commercial cellular communications, private networks, two-way radio, paging, and public safety from 88 MHz to 4 GHz. This ensures reliable connectivity for users wherever they go!

Key Highlights

Future-Proof Building Investment

Increased Capacity and Performance

Seamless Multi-Operator Support

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Next Gen High-Speed Connectivity For
In-Building Coverage

Nimbus Low Power Active DAS Remotes

The Nimbus Low Power Digital remotes are connected via CAT6a alternatively via SFP28 to the Helix Unit. The Helix Distribution Unit can be connected directly to an O-RAN system over eCPRI or to an Orion head-end unit for a legacy DAS system. 

The Nimbus low power remote units upport 4 bands in either SISIO or MIMO configuration. There are product variants for both an integrated antenna or external antennas. The Nimbus remote unit delivers +23 dBm output power per band. 

Technical characteristics

  • 5G compliant
  • Multi-operator (all operators in one box)
  • Any cable type, fiber, hybrid, POE 
  • Fanless design – maintenance free 

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