Maven Wireless through their local partner and system integrator Rhomberg Bahntechnik has received an award letter for a five-year frame agreement delivering bluelight- and cellular coverage throughout tunnels in Switzerland. The frame agreement includes Maven Wireless products and services worth approximately SEK 213m. The agreement can be extended for up to additional 2+2 years.

After a 2-week cool-down period the contract signing process will be started.

SBB Infrastructure provide the rails, the energy and the telecom network for the railway in Switzerland. The railway in Switzerland carries 1.25 million passengers and 250,000 tonnes of goods every day and it has over 270 km of tunnels.

Rhomberg Bahntechnik, with its headquarters in Austria and offices in Switzerland and Germany, is a full railway engineering service provider and offers a comprehensive range of railway construction, infrastructure and service products.

“This is one of a handful larger frame agreements in Europe which marks our strong position as a leading supplier of wireless indoor- and tunnel coverage products. Our customer and travelers in Switzerland will benefit from our groundbreaking DAS solutions which is also the most sustainable DAS product in the market. This award also falls in line with our planned growth and contributes to a solid foundation for our business in Europe.” said Fredrik Ekström, CEO of Maven Wireless.

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