Enhancing On-Board and Tunnel 5G Connectivity

GSM-R / FRMCS / Public Safety (TETRA) / Cellular DAS

Our solutions enhance on-board and in-tunnel coverage, ensuring seamless connectivity even in challenging environments, and integrate energy efficiency with a robust, scalable 5G infrastructure. System reliability is paramount, offering uninterrupted service and quick recovery from disruptions, which is crucial for maintaining continuous connectivity and user trust in the dynamic field of communication systems.

tunnel wireless connectivity

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    Key Highlights  of Maven In-Tunnel Solutions

    High Performance Voice and Data

    Multiband in One Box

    Safety (TETRA) / Cellular DAS

    Robustness (No fans, IP66)

    Future-Proof Your Investment with Maven Wireless Scalable Digital Optical Transport

    Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates high-speed data transmission and communication systems into the railway infrastructure. DOT revolutionizes the rail experience, providing lightning-fast connectivity, real-time information exchange, enhanced safety measures, and seamless integration with smart cities. Join us in embracing the power of DOT as we redefine the future of railway transportation and contribute to the development of smarter, more sustainable cities.

    Digital Optical Transport: Transforming Railway Connectivity for the Modern Passenger

    Experience a transformative journey with Digital Optical Transport (DOT). Stay connected throughout your train ride, accessing high-speed internet, streaming media, and online services. From work to entertainment and staying connected with loved ones, DOT brings the digital world to your fingertips, even in tunnels and remote areas.

    Transforming Railways for Smart Cities: Embrace the Power of DOT

    As smart cities rise, railways play a vital role in efficient and connected transportation. DOT integrates seamlessly into the urban fabric, creating an interconnected ecosystem with other smart city components. By embracing DOT, railways offer sustainable, reliable, and advanced transportation options, propelling cities into the future.

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     Elevate  tunnel experience. Say goodbye to communication gaps and welcome a new era of connectivity.

    We prioritize high-speed connectivity, sustainability, and minimal environmental impact through innovative solutions. 

    Discover our successful projects we have completed to date, showcasing our capabilities and expertise. 

    5G Connectivity for Rail & Subway
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