Our solutions make us unique.
This is why.

> Four times higher data throughput
> Covers 40% more area
> The latest technology and components

Maven’s solutions earn top marks on performance and efficiency in customer evaluations. It’s not that weird. Our products are developed from a fully digital perspective at a time when competition was working with older technologies. That’s why our products beat our competitors in performance.

> Digital transport & filtering
> Remote frequency & refarming
> Online feature upgrades

From the beginning the pioneers of Maven realized that all available solutions in the market had emerged from an analog logic. So one of the most important things about the new solutions was to make them fully digital from scratch. So they are. Filters and fiber links are digital, upgrades and maintenance are done online and in minutes.

> Complete 5G offer/O-RAN supported
> Scale-as-you-go
> Supports future critical communications

The wireless industry is like any other industry in the 21st century: Constantly changing. There are new solutions, new standards and new demands. The heart in our solutions is our digital platform, how we combine it and optimize it with our software. This is it what makes us truly unique and future-proof.

> Fewer units needed/No maintenance
> Faster installation & Commissioning
> Less power consumption & Less space

Our solutions typically consume a third as much energy as our competitors. Sometimes even less. All upgrades and all maintenance are done online. Our units are smaller, much faster and easier to install and commission. All this means less transport, less work, less personal maintenance and much lower operating costs.

> Two thirds less energy
> Less transport
> Less materials

Today, no company can ignore the demands and needs for sustainability. We always strive for high marks in this field, and we believe we do it quite well. Higher energy efficiency, fewer transports, fewer staff, fewer materials, fewer units and last but not least much less aluminum, which otherwise has a bad effect on the climate.

Our solutions enable 100% coverage.
This is where.

Inbuilding coverage – High-speed connectivity

Mobile users have high expectations of coverage and demand to be connected everywhere they go with full bandwidth service. The Maven DAS is designed for a multi-operator and multi-standard service. The system has in-built excess transport capacity which means any installed system can support both legacy systems for 2G, 3G and 4G with MIMO as well as 5G with full spectrum over a single combined fiber. A single base station installation can cover multiple building complexes over a radius of up to 40 km.
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Tunnel coverage – critical connectivity in demanding conditions

The compact Maven remotes achieve high output power without requiring fan cooling even in quad-band configurations. Fibre redundancy and cascading allows for minimising the fibre count/links needed. The low PIM and EVM allows for superior data throughput and link quality in the tunnel. The extremely low delay in the Maven remotes ensures quality of service in overlapping areas.
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Metro coverage – efficient and seamless

The power efficient Maven DAS system for cellular and public safety minimises both the electricity consumption and space requirements in the equipment rooms. Advanced mesh, ring and tree topologies are supported ensuring a fully redundant system as well as reducing the fiber needed. High capacity Metro coverage can be built using 4×4 MIMO from each remote unit.
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Stadium coverage – satisfying extreme crowd density

The Maven DAS system transports large amounts of data using 40Gbs fibre links and superior uplink radio performance. High data throughput can be achieved using the 6-band Cumulus medium power remote unit.
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Critical Communications / Public Safety

Maven DAS and repeater products for Critical Communications / Public Safety are available in FM, VHF, TETRA, Public Safety LTE in 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 2600 MHz TDD bands. The Maven remotes can be equipped with both legacy TETRA together with Public safety LTE in the same enclosure. Maven DAS is a highly redundant system supporting advanced mesh, ring and tree topologies.
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Maven Onboard Solutions

Maven cellular onboard solutions for ships and trains with GPS triggered functionalities ensures optimal performance in any given geographical location. Extremely low LTE delay enables full capacity and stable intrain mobile coverage in overlapping areas. The Maven platform supports all generations of technology 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G including high capacity MIMO solutions.
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Maven O-RAN – Open Front Haul

In the Maven O-RAN solution, the RRUs can be eliminated. Instead the Maven DAS connects directly to the BBU via digital eCPRI. This means dramatic reductions of costs, space requirements and energy consumption. The Maven solution supports both O-RAN and legacy systems providing 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G on the same platform.
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