Reducing CO2 emissions

A large amount of energy is needed to power the mobile network infrastructure. This makes energy efficiency an environmental as well as a business priority.
There are several initiatives to increase energy efficiency in mobile networks by GSMA, EUREKA (Eureka/SooGREEN) and other organisations. In Sweden, Tele2 is launching an extensive project to make its 4G network even more energy efficient to contribute to the highly set climate goals for 2020 that Sweden and the UN have established (Tele2 Press Release).

Mobile networks are experiencing an exponential growth of traffic volumes, associated with the emergence of new services. Telecom manufacturers and operators should design mobile networks that are able to absorb this drastic increase of traffic while mastering their energy consumption.

Maven next-generation digital DAS is designed to support the expansion of existing mobile networks including future technologies such as virtual RAN and 5G. At the same time, Maven digital DAS’ power consumption is reduced to less than half the power consumption of current solutions, reducing operating costs, environmental footprint and eliminating cooling fans.
For a medium size DAS system this means an annual cost saving of approximately 20kEUR. The annual energy saving is equivalent to the combustion of 70 tons of coal generating 124 tons of CO2 emissions.