Groundbreaking solutions in wireless coverage

Maven Wireless leads the way for wireless coverage with high-speed connectivity and capacity in tunnels, metros, onboard ships, trains, stadiums, and new buildings. Maven solutions are used where normal wireless coverage is critical but not functioning well. Our solutions enhance the signals so end-users have full wireless coverage without drop-outs.

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Super-optimized systems designed for reliable and quiet operation in tight spaces. Our remotes achieve high output power without requring fan cooling even in quadband configurations.

Compact in size

Our units are smaller. much faster and easier to install and commission. All this means less transport, work, personal maintenance and much lower operating costs.

No maintenance is required

All upgrades and maintenances are done online. With our solutions you win in cost efficiency and save on operating long-term costs.

Supporting FRMCS/5G

Our solutions support FRMCS 900/1900 frequency for future global standards in rail communication.