Train Coverage with TOR – Train Onboard Repeater

Maven Wireless has released its next generation of repeater platform for rolling stock coverage aimed for primarily train and ships.

The cellular TOR is a highly capable all-digital cellular train onboard repeater platform supporting multi-operator, multi-band installations for all EMEA bands. The TOR platform embeds up to four cellular bands plus the GSM-Rail band in the same compact enclosure. The +30 dBm output power in the uplink ensures the data rate and link quality onboard the train even in rural areas where the base station antenna is far from the track. The compact unit has been optimised to fit into virtually any train type. The product meets all needed standards for rolling stock equipment.

Advantages of digital DAS

A DAS will often be shared between several mobile operators, and it is a great concern for each operator that their signals are not corrupted by spurious signals generated by other operators’ equipment.

One of the great advantages of a digital DAS is that each incoming signal is filtered into a discrete digital data flow, with no possibility of interference between signals for each operator. However, if a common analogue interface is shared at the head-end then there is still a risk of interference between operators being picked up before the signal is digitized.

The Maven Orion master node implements 8 separate band modules, each with their own independent analogue to digital interfaces. This high density makes it cost-effective to provide a dedicated interface per operator, eliminating any concerns about interference.