Maven Wireless becomes an O-RAN Alliance Contributor

Maven Wireless is proud to be an active contributor to the O-RAN alliance where we are building the Next Generation RAN.
As mobile traffic increases, mobile networks and the equipment that runs them must become more software-driven, virtualized, flexible, intelligent and energy efficient. The O-RAN Alliance is committed to evolving radio access networks— making them more open and smarter than previous generations. Real-time analytics that drive embedded machine learning systems and artificial intelligence back end modules will empower network intelligence. Additional virtualized network elements with open, standardized interfaces will be key aspects of the reference designs developed by the O-RAN Alliance.

Radio access network (RAN) with an architecture that splits the baseband units (BBUs) installed in centralized locations and radio units (RUs) distributed at cell sites, where the two are connected by a fronthaul interface, has proven to be effective in many commercial 3G/LTE deployments. Centralization provides performance benefits (e.g. multi-cell/frequency coordination) and cost benefits (e.g. opportunities to increase resource pooling and reduce site rent). With the requirements for RAN becoming ever more challenging and diverse, the need for such split RAN architecture is becoming increasingly important.

Maven Wireless & Telenor in contract

Maven Wireless
has signed a 4 year contract with Telenor to provide Distributed Antenna
Systems (DAS) and repeaters in Norway.

Maven Wireless will supply a broad range of its repeater and DAS product variants under this new agreement. All power classes from low power to medium- and high power models are included with a range of different frequency combinations. Telenor will benefit from Maven Wireless’ newest fully digital repeaters and DAS systems, which support all relevant standards including 5G NR. The Maven Wireless product portfolio assists Telenor in their strategy to build digital capacity throughout Norway. Telenor Group strives to reduce the environmental and climate impact of its operation: this effort will be supported by using Maven Wireless energy-efficient solutions.

Introducing the world’s 1st end-to-end digital TETRA DAS

World’s 1st end-to-end digital TETRA DAS for critical communications and public safety networks by Maven Wireless

Stockholm, Sweden, September 25, 2017 – Maven Wireless, the game changer in wireless coverage, announced the arrival of the world’s 1st end-to-end digital TETRA DAS, (Distributed Antenna System) for in-building coverage at, Critical Communications MENA 2017 in Dubai.

Mission critical communication is all about providing effective voice and data at emergency sites, preserving lives and assets, and assuring public safety.

Operators of Critical Communications and Public Safety networks are moving toward combining effective voice communication capabilities with nationwide public safety LTE networks, enabling features such as video streaming, file sharing and real-­time analytics, without compromising security.

As TETRA is still being deployed by operators across the world, the networks must support coexistence between TETRA and public safety LTE.

Maven Wireless is now introducing the world’s 1st end-to-end digital TETRA DAS system for Critical Communications networks to the market.

“Maven DAS end-to-end digital platform allows for mixing TETRA and public safety LTE supporting coexistence and transition between these protocols.” said Fredrik Ekström, CEO, Maven Wireless. “This capability with multi-band remotes will save public safety operators from deploying parallel systems for each protocol”.

System robustness is improved by the introduction of a unique patent-pending automatic redundancy functionality, achieved by meshed interconnections in a distributed peer-to-peer architecture where system configuration is synchronized across all units.

Environmental impact is reduced thanks to Maven’s unrivalled power efficiency, which also halves battery back-up requirements.

Find out more at Critical Communications MENA in Dubai 25-26 September, 2017 or contact us at